“Getting Organized” tops the list for 2014 New Years Resolutions

Weight loss tops New Year’s resolutions followed by getting organized and saving money

LEWISTON, ID – Once again weight loss is the top New Year’s resolution nationwide, but just like all resolutions this popular goal is a hard one to keep if you’re not committed to the cause.

Today millions of Americans are starting off strong on their New Year’s resolutions, but studies show a majority will fail within the first couple of weeks.

Anytime Fitness Trainer, Chad Williams said there are things that can be done to make sure your weight loss dreams for 2014 become reality.

“Buddy systems are great that works for a lot of people, having a trainer helps,” said Williams. “It keeps people accountable. Tell people what you’re doing so that way you have people ask you how your doing and what you’re doing. And just finding some sort of motivation. Find a reason that you’re doing it for and stay focused on that.”

Getting organized came in second on the list for 2014’s top New Year’s resolutions, and saving money was number three.

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