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Organizing Photos for Closet Storage

Do you have stacks of photos crammed in a closet? Is your digital camera overloaded with images you’ve yet to print? If so, then follow this six-step plan from professional organizer Candita Clayton to help you organize your photos and preserve your memories:

1. Start with the present: Starting a system with your current photos will help to keep you on track as new ones come in. Tackling too much at once (say the last 10 years) will most likely overwhelm you and sabotage your efforts.

2. Review and purge: As soon as your photos are developed go through them and toss out redundant or bad shots. If you are using a digital camera you have the advantage of eliminating before you print or save, either on your computer or at the local drugstore.

3. Label: Place traditional photos in envelopes labeled with the month, year and the event. If time permits, little notes on the back of each can help to tell a story you might otherwise forget down the line. With digital photography label photo cd’s or create separate files on your computer labeled accordingly. Photo websites also allow you to give each photo a title and description.

4. Store: The simplest method for storing traditional photos is putting them into photo boxes. They can be stored by year or by event. Store them in a safe dry place to insure their longevity. Any room with moisture, humidity or extreme temperature changes will likely ruin photos over time. For digital photos several photo websites allow unlimited storage as long as you make a purchase and keep your account active. Each of these sites has their own contracts so be sure to check the account requirements so you know what you’re getting. The sites include, and Shutterfly also includes other great features such as archiving and scrapbooking.

5. Share: Now that you know where to find your pictures choose some favorites and use mini albums with sleeves or paper corners to show off a special event or trip. With digital photos you can email to family and friends. This is a great way to keep grandparents, relatives and friends in the loop.

6. Revisit: Once you have a system in place for dealing with your new photos you are now ready to go back in time and begin the process for years past. Remember it is much easier to deal with a season at a time rather then the entire year.

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